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3 ways I changed our basement design, once we got the baby news…

A baby in a speakeasy? Nope, that doesn't work...

Before we got the baby news, I had created a design plan for our basement, with the goal of making the space feel like a cozy speakeasy. Pairing moody colours with vintage flare adding a wet bar and banquette seating.

But a baby crawling around a speakeasy? Nope, that doesn't work...

Time to pivot! Below you can see that the updated concept looked quite different. So, let's talk about 3 of the most important changes I made to our design plan...

1. The colour palette

From dark and moody to light and whimsical!

Keeping the paneling and wall paper combination, but updating for a beige and misty blue combination that feels cozy and timeless.

2. The flooring

Instead of vinyl plank, we decided to go with carpet!

Vinyl plan is a great option for basements. It can be installed directly on top of concrete because of the build in underlayment and is known for being extremely durable and water resistant. All great features. However, for a crawling baby, carpet felt like the right choice. It has provided unmatched warmth and comfort that is especially important for a cold basement!

To feel extra secure with choosing carpet, I first installed a DRIcore sub-floor system. It has a plastic membrane, to protects against moisture, and helps your finished floor feel softer and warmer.

As for the carpet, I selected a beige berber carpet. Keeping with a neutral material is a great choice, as you can always layer area rugs to add additional texture or colour.

3. The Layout

Our guest room would soon be converted into a nursery, so it was important to design a space that could serve a dual function; rec-space and guest room. Here's how I made that happen...

  • Added doors. We added arched, oak double doors, that remain open when the space in in rec-room mode, and close to provide our guests with privacy and quiet.

  • Prioritized open/flex space. Cut the wet bar and built in banquette seating. I wanted to ensure that our basement had the flexibility and open space for kids to play and imagine!

  • Built in murphy bed. This full sized queen bed can be disguised as a cabinet, covered by a projector screen or pulled down for guest sleeping. It gives us sleeping space when we need it, without sacrificing space when we don't.

These changes to our design plan guided our renovation away from a moody speakeasy, and towards a family friendly space that is perfect for our new reality.

As always, if you need help creating a design plan that is uniquely right for your family, reach out! Whether it's a major remodel, or a few simple decor updates, I'd love to help you love your home.


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