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6 bold paint colours, I don't regret

Don't get me wrong, I love a neutral colour palette! But in every home, there are spaces that allow for an infusion of personality. And what is an easy way to break out of the neutral handcuffs? PAINT!

It's quick, fairly easy to change and effective. Still not convinced? Here are 6 times I used a bold paint colour and didn't regret it....

1. Patio Stone, Behr

Colour code: N360-6

Where: Family room

A rich green-brown that has added serious depth to our family room. It is dramatic, while still being rooted in a natural/organic palette. Ever since this paint transformation, my husband likes to call this space "the parlour".

2. Tate Olive, Benjamin Moore

Colour code: HC-112

Where: Office

Greens are one of the most difficult colours to get right. There are so many tone variations and they are easily changed by light. This colour is part of their BM's historical collection and that makes perfect sense. It feels timeless.

3. Twinberry, Behr

Colour code: MQ1-14

Where: Guest room

You'll find just a touch of this rich burgundy above the neutral board and batten in our guest room. Inspired by my beverage of choice... Cabernet Sauvignon!

4. Misty Blue, a custom colour match

Colour code: custom

Where: Basement bathroom

This one was a created by colour matching our basement wallpaper . It's blue enough to add colour, while still being muted and misty, to not compete with the many textures and patterns found in this space. Love this exact colour? Send me a message and I'd be happy to share the formula.

5. Wrought Iron, Benjamin Moore

Colour code: 2124-10

Where: Primary bedrooom

In the primary, I opted to leave the walls neutral (White Dove, Benjamin Moore), but add some unexpected character, by painting the trim, baseboards and doors this dark charcoal. Contrasting trim is a great way to add personality and warmth. In this space, I decided to go with charcoal so that the transition to our monochromatic washroom is seamless.

6. Rainy Afternoon, Behr

Colour code: N430-4

Where: Nursery

Well if you've made it all the way to #6 on my list, I guess I can let you in on a little secret... I recently finished our baby girl's nursery, and it's not pink, or purple, it's blue! Well actually, I would describe this colour as a muted teal, that pulls more grey, green or blue, depending on the time of day. It's whimsical and cozy and will make perfect sense when you see the finished space. Stay tuned on Instagram or Facebook for that reveal very soon.

Tips for picking your perfect paint colour?

  • Consider the BIG picture and create a cohesive palette. All your walls do not need to be the same colour, but the colours should work together to create a cohesive palette that is complimentary. Picking paint colours without considering the bigger picture of your home, can leave the spaces feeling disconnected and confusing.

  • Put samples on the walls. Don't skip this step. Colours can change significantly with the unique light of a room. Just because a colour looked great in your friend's home, doesn't mean it will pull the same undertones in yours. Always take the time to put a sample on various spots in the room, and leave it there for a full day to see how it looks at different times of the day.

  • Get help! The number of options can be seriously overwhelming. A professional perspective can help clarify your colour goal and pick a paint colour that you won't regret. Send me a message to set up a quick and easy colour consultation. As always, my goal is for your to love your home.

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Alexis Westwater
Alexis Westwater
Feb 29

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