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How to Plan a Mud Room Makeover Like a Pro

Updated: Feb 20

Our mud room needs help! Let me show you how I would plan this project, if I were doing it for a client. The fun part? Once the plan is done, I'm going grab my tools and bring this project to life!

What's the goal?

This question is priority during a consultation. It may feel hard to define, but that's okay! It's my job to help you define your unique style and function needs.

This mud room works hard. It serves as an entry way, coat closet and laundry space. To reach it's full potential, a few things needed to be addressed...

  1. Create storage for laundry & cleaning supplies. Increase the storage space and have it facing the laundry machines so that I can easily pivot between the machines and the supplies.

  2. Allow access to back of the laundry machines. The current slat wall does not allow us to access the back of our laundry machines. Ideally the machines will still be encased, but with a solution that is easily removable for maintenance and repairs.

  3. Better manage coats & shoes. The coats are an eyesore from every angle. Without totally closing them into a closet, I'd like to have better defined coat and shoe storage that isn't spilling into every corner of the space.

  4. Increase entry storage. The current console table is not effective storage. Considering the 10ft ceiling height, the existing wall art is a total waste of valuable space. An ideal solution is of a more appropriate size, adds storage and in beautiful!

  5. Align the room's style with the rest of the home. The design for this space will be guided by earthy neutrals, traditional details and natural textures. As always, put together in a way that feels curated, yet comfortable.

What's the scope?

I'm giving myself 3 days to execute this transformation and a budget of $800. It will be a solo project, so I won't include anything this pregnant mama can't tackle unassisted. Here's a rough budget breakdown...

Building materials: drywall, plywood, MDF, decorative molding, paint, stain,


Furniture: entry bookshelf, laundry storage, floating shelf


Finishes: storage baskets, lamp, entry rugs


Layout and construction notes

I always start by defining how the layout will change and any construction notes to help your contractors get there. The layout is the shell that will allow for all the beautiful finishes to fall into place in a way that feels meant to be...

Construction notes are equally important. They include clearly defining the materials to be used, specific dimensions, and methods of building. If the layout is the WHAT, the construction notes are the HOW. When detailed and clear, theses notes make sure that the path from plan to reality is crystal clear.

Luckily for this project, I am the client, the designer and the contractor. So I don't need to get too detailed with my notes...

Pick the finishes

Time for the fun part. Finishes include furniture, paint colours, rugs, lighting and everything else needed to create a cohesive and curated space.

Bring it to life with renderings

Having renderings that are to-scale and detailed helps the client understand how the designers ideas will come to life.

Here you can see how I've addressed all of the initial concerns...

  • The floor to ceiling shelving creates ample entryway storage for shoes and outdoor gear.

  • Encasing the laundry machines with a removable MDF panel, instead of a permanent wall, will allow for easy access to the back of the laundry machines.

  • Extending a partition wall in the centre of the room allows for some sort of dresser or storage shelf to be pushed against the wall, facing the laundry machines. The partition wall also creates a "cubby" like space, keeping even the puffiest winter coats contained.

  • Last but not least, adding faux wood beams to the ceiling and rich earthy tones and textures means that the style of this room will finally make sense with the rest of our home.

Now it's time to get to work! Follow along on Instagram or Facebook to watch this plan come to life. 3 day deadline starts NOW!

And as always, if you have a space that could use a makeover, don't hesitate to reach out.


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