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Mud Room Makeover

For this project I am the client, the designer and the general contractor. Although it is my own space, the process is the same for any client job...


Custom Design Plan 



Guelph, On


Winter 2024

1. Define the goal

This mud room works hard. It serves as an entry way, coat closet and laundry space.


To reach it's full potential, a few things needed to be addressed...


  1. Create storage for laundry & cleaning supplies

  2. Allow access to back of the laundry machines

  3. Better manage coats & shoes

  4. Increase entry storage

  5. Align the room's style with the rest of the home

Defining a client's style and function needs is my priority during the consultation process. Identifying the challenges, understanding the goals and creating a plan that leaves no detail to un touched... 

2. Create a plan

When creating a design plan, it's important to bring my construction and designer perspectives. I am always trying to align the style and function goals with any construction limitations that may not be obvious.. 


This is why construction notes are so important. They clearly define the materials to be used, specific dimensions, and methods of building, to make sure that the path from plan to reality is crystal clear.


Luckily for this project, I am the client, the designer and the contractor. So I don't need to get too detailed with my notes...

3. transform the space

The project is now complete, and all initial concerns have been addressed...

  • The floor to ceiling bookshelves create ample entryway storage for shoes and outdoor gear.

  • Encasing the laundry machines with a removable MDF panel, instead of a permanent wall, allows for easy access to the back of the laundry machines and a cleaner look

  • Creating a partition wall in the centre of the room allows for a storage shelf to be pushed against the wall, facing the laundry machines, for better function. The partition wall also creates a "cubby" like space, keeping even the puffiest winter coats contained.

  • Last but not least, adding faux wood beams to the ceiling, picture frame moulding and rich earthy tones and textures means that the style of this room will finally make sense with the rest of our home.

Before and after

Do you have a space that could use a transformation? Let's connect!