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DIY Picture Frame Moulding

Picture frame moulding, or box trim, is an easy DIY that is instantly adds character and visual interest. The design possibilities are infinite.

Often, my goal is to make our home it look older than it actually is. If you also crave the character of a 1800’s century home, this DIY is for you!

Tools & Materials

  • Miter power saw, miter shears, or a manual saw with a guide box

  • level

  • Measuring tape

  • caulking gun

  • The trim- chair rail works well & there are tons of styles to choose from.

  • 2 part adhesive

  • Painter caulking

  • No More Nails adhesive

  • Paint

Video Tutorial

1. Take measurements & plan your design

Be mindful of your spacing! It’s important to have consistent spacing between boxes, as well as between the top of the box & your ceiling/ crown molding.

Consider sizes that will leave minimal material waste. For example, 6’ by 2’ is a great size when you’re using a 8 ft piece of trim.

Here’s my design…

2. Make your cuts

Mark your trim according to the overall dimensions. I always add a small line, indicating the direction of the cut, so that I don’t get confused. Like this…

Because this type of molding is thin and easy to cut, you don’t need a power miter saw! An old school manual saw with a guide box, or miter sheers, should work!

As you make cuts, lay the trim out in the shape of a box, so that you can easily check that all your miters are in the correct direction. Also double check that the opposite sides of each box are exactly the same length. Do this by laying them side-by-side. This will make sure your boxes are nice and square!

3. Glue your boxes

Now it’s time to assemble your boxes! To do this, use 2-part adhesive. This specific product is what you’re going to want to use.

It dries within about a minute. Watch your fingers, this stuff is no joke!

4. Mark the wall

Use a pencil to mark the wall where the bottom corner of each box should be.

Because you have already created perfectly square boxes, as long as they are hitting these makes, they should be level and square!

5. Attach your boxes to the wall

Use construction adhesive on the back of the trim and then line your trim up with your pencil marks and press to the wall!

Double check with a small level that your box is perfect.

6. Caulk & Paint!

A thin bead of painter's caulking to fill any gaps between the trim & wall. Lastly, it's time to paint! My room is Patio Stone by Behr.

That's it! I hope this was helpful! Check out my video tutorial here if you need a bit more explanation, or reach out! I'm always happy to talk DIYs, design or anything HOME.

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Aug 24, 2023


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