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Garden Shed Makeover

What started as a creepy ramshackle structure is now the cutest little potting shed!

I heavily debated what to do with this space. I considered taking it down, but the extra storage is so handy. I also someone quote a rebuild, but when the price tag hit $15,000, I knew that wasn’t an option. Naturally, it was DIY time!!!!!

As always, if you have a space you'd like to transform, send me a message to see how we can work together to make it happen!


For ease & budget, I wanted something that could go right over top of the old shingles.

These asphalt panels were the PERFECT solution. It has now been over a year, and the roof has stood strong even through a brutal, snowy winter.

First, I strapped the existing roof with 2x4s. Laying them across the roof, and screwing into the existing frame work.

Next, installation of the panels (so easy!):

  • Overlap the sheets, for complete coverage.

  • Add the foam ridge cap to the exposed ends, to discourage rodents from sneaking in

  • Screw them into your strapping using the 3” Ondura fasteners, at the top of the corrugated ridge. I spaced out my screws about 12” apart, on every other ridge. Super Solid!

For more on the panel installation, check out Ondura's detailed installation guide.


Lucky for us, we had 2 old windows that were still in great shape. Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores, as well as Facebook Marketplace are great spots to find affordable used windows.

  • Frame a rough opening. Don’t forget to add a header, and support that header with new studs that go all the way to the bottom plate (stud that runs along the floor).

  • We then use a sawzol to cut a hole in the exterior wall sheathing and installed our new windows!


Next I used for extra lumber to build more narrow storage shelves and a cute little counter space. For the counter top, I used leftover fence boards!


Any time there is this much texture, using a sprayer is a MUST.

I invested in this sprayer, and can say it has saved me hours and hours of tedious painting work…


One of my favourite details of this project!

I use a small foam roller, concrete/masonry paint & these re-usable stencils and absolutely LOVE the result. The colour I used was Red Potato by Behr, to mimic a terracotta tile.

As it ages, the inevitable chips and scratches will add to the patina look. I have gotten tons of complements on this detail and can’t wait to use this stencil trick again!


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